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    A Right Character - Ruth : Ch 3 Ian Scholes

    17th September, 2017

    Ps Ian Scholes - A Right Character - Ruth : Ch 3

    The Faithfulness Factor - Ruth : Ch 2 Adam Islip

    10th September, 2017

    Ps Adam Islip - The Faithfulness Factor - Ruth : Ch 2

    Kisser or Clinger - Ruth : Ch 1 Derek Smith

    3rd September, 2017

    Ps Derek Smith - Kisser or Clinger - Ruth : Ch 1

    Unsung Heroes - Benaiah Derek Smith

    20th August, 2017

    Ps Derek Smith - Unsung Heroes : Benaiah

    Unsung Heroes - Jonathan's Armour Bearer Ian Scholes

    13th August, 2017

    Ian Scholes - Unsung Heroes

    Unsung Heroes - Andrew Ben Islip

    30th July, 2017

    Ps Ben Islip - Unsung Heroes : Andrew

Blackpool Podcasts

    Ruth - Part 2 Lisa Daniels

    17th September, 2017

    Ruth - Part 2

    Ruth - Part 1 Ann Strickland

    10th September, 2017

    Ruth - Part 1

    A Different Spirit Adam Islip

    3rd September, 2017

    A Different Spirit

    Unsung Heroes - Part 4 Lisa Daniels

    27th August, 2017

    Unsung Heroes - Part 4

    Unsung Heroes - Part 3 Christopher Jones

    20th August, 2017

    Unsung Heroes - Part 3

    Unsung Heroes - Part 2 Paul Faulkner

    13th August, 2017

    Unsung Heroes - Part 2


Watch these stories from real Kings people and listen to the transforming power of God in their lives

  • I was desperately trying to find my identity and security.

    Julie Hardman

    I knew that they had something that I didn't have.

    Steph Ashworth
  • I wanted to die, so I went to the edge and jumped.

    Dave Bullock

    I didn't even know myself, my life had gone out of all proportion.

    Jordan Coghiel


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