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    ProVision - Pt 2 Derek Smith

    7th May, 2017

    As Ps Derek continues the series of ProVision, he focuses on the area of finance and walking through the crucial steps of how to get from knowledge of your financial situation to thriving in any financial situation.

    ProVision - Pt 1 Derek Smith

    30th April, 2017

    The provision we need is always attached to the vision we have for our lives, our families and our church. But where does your provision come from? God wants to be our source. If we will trust him, He can get resources to us in many ways both naturally and supernaturally.

    The Simplicity of Prayer Georgina Smith

    23rd April, 2017

    Prayer is the most important activity of our lives - yet one of the most common things people struggle with. Perhaps we have lost the simplicity of prayer? Particularly when we compare ourselves to other people! Discover the simple approach to prayer and refresh your conversation with God today.

    Eternal Optimism Ian Scholes

    9th April, 2017

    If God has set eternity in the hearts of men (Ecclesiastes 3:11), then how do we live out of that to see things with an eternal perspective? How do we see our lives the way that God sees them?

    Spirit and Truth Susie Islip

    2nd April, 2017

    What does it mean to worship God "in spirit" and "in truth", as Jesus teaches in John 4:24. How do we bring the kind of worship that God is looking for? Ps Susie teaches on worship from her wealth of experience as a Worship Leader and helps us step into a deeper experience with God.

    Moulded Derek Smith

    26th March, 2017

    We can go through the most challenging of circumstances, but God can use them to mould us and bring out the best in us. God knows where to put the pressure in our lives to help us walk better, even if he knows the pressure will hurt a little bit. Ps Derek unpacks the story of the Potter and the Clay in Jeremiah 18 to discover the true nature of discipleship.

Blackpool Podcasts

    Your Problem’s Potential Is Not As Great As Your Promise’s Provision Andrew Dougherty

    28th May, 2017

    Your Problem’s Potential Is Not As Great As Your Promise’s Provision

    Pro-Vision Part 4 - Your Future Ann Strickland

    21st May, 2017

    Pro-Vision Part 4 - Your Future

    Thorn in your side Danny Murphy

    21st May, 2017

    Thorn in your side

    Pro-Vision Part 3 - Your Giving Ann Strickland

    14th May, 2017

    Pro-Vision Part 3 - Your Giving

    Pro-Vision Part 2 - Your Stewardship Lisa Daniels

    7th May, 2017

    Pro-Vision Part 2 - Your Stewardship

    Pro-Vision Part 1 - Your Source Ann Strickland

    30th April, 2017

    Pro-Vision Part 1 - Your Source


Watch these stories from real Kings people and listen to the transforming power of God in their lives

  • I was desperately trying to find my identity and security.

    Julie Hardman

    I knew that they had something that I didn't have.

    Steph Ashworth
  • I wanted to die, so I went to the edge and jumped.

    Dave Bullock

    I didn't even know myself, my life had gone out of all proportion.

    Jordan Coghiel


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