Our Autumn teaching series across all our Kings Campuses will be on the subject of LEGACY. Legacy is often confused with fame, but they are very different. Andy Warhol, the American modern artist, famously said, “In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.” His comments were based on the fleeting nature of fame and the lack of substance to much of it! But legacy is different – it’s not so much about what you do, but what you create after you’re gone.

You can be famous and leave a powerful legacy, of course. People like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher were all famous and their legacy lives on long after they have died. You can also be famous but leave a negative legacy on history, in the case of Adolf Hitler, whose actions and decisions still affect people today.

The bottom line is that legacy has the ability to shape what comes next. It has an echo down the years that outlives an individual’s life. We can all think of family members, teachers, coaches or leaders who have left a mark on our lives long after they have left us in person. They may never have been famous in the world’s eyes, but their legacy is just as powerful in our lives.

Kings Church exists to leave a positive legacy on people’s lives and truly make an impact. We are not here to pursue fame and a make a name for ourselves. We want to hand over a vibrant, faith-filled Church that, in turn, goes on to impact their own generation. Ultimately our success will not be seen in what people say about us now but what will people saying about our Church in 20, 30 or 50 years time.

This ministry series, all about legacy, will help us think strategically about our choices now and what they are creating in our future. We are going to look at what batons we are passing over to the next generation – such things as the legacy of faith, legacy of kindness and legacy of culture.

We want to make sure we are setting up the next generation to win!

As we approach our Vision Offering in November, let’s commit together to values like excellence and courage, in building a legacy that will outlive us and outlast us. Let’s not look for cheap shortcuts to make our life easier. Let’s make sure our children’s children will be set up to thrive!



How can you be more intentional about the legacy you want to leave? 



That you would have fresh vision beyond your current circumstances to connect the dots between where you are now and what will come next.


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