What are dinner parties?

Dinner Parties are fortnightly gatherings that take place in people's homes and include good food, great conversation and space to share stories and grow in faith together!

We don't want to see anyone become isolated in the busyness of life and our Dinner Parties help make sure of that. They are great places to meet new people, build friendships and to be part of the growing community at Kings.

Get connected by signing up to a group below and find one that works for you!

dinner party locations

BOLTON (Bromley Cross) - Tues : 7.30pm

SALFORD (Ellenbrook) - Tues : 7.30pm

BOLTON (Kings Bolton) - Weds : 12pm

BOLTON (Kings Bolton) - Weds : 5pm *children allowed

BOLTON (Crompton) - Weds : 7.30pm

BOLTON (Horwich) - Weds : 7.30pm

BOLTON (Stoneclough) - Weds : 7.30pm

BURY (Radcliffe) - Weds : 7.30pm

BURY (Greenmount) - Weds : 7.30pm

SALFORD (Westhoughton) - Weds : 7:30pm

BOLTON (Breightmet) - Thurs : 7.30pm

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