E T H O S - / ˈ i ː θ ɒ s /  { E . T h o s }

The characteristic spirit of a culture; the underlying spirit that informs the beliefs and practices of a people or a community.



We believe that everyone is called to some level of significance and leadership in their world - firstly, to influence others to follow Christ and then to release potential all around them. ETHOS is part of our vision to raise and release a new generation of leaders to build the local church and expand the kingdom of God. We aim to...

+ ENCOURAGE leaders to succeed and strengthen in every area of life.
+ EQUIP leaders in areas of character, theology and faith through teaching, study and mentoring.
+ EMPOWER leaders into local church ministry and to discover their gifting.
+ ENDORSE leaders publicly and release them into wider ministry as they grow.



Ethos Academy is an 11-month programme that relaunches in September 2018, with monthly teaching sessions, 1-1 mentoring, book assignments and opportunity for hands-on ministry and leadership within Kings Campuses. 


Ethos Internship is a full-time annual programme, starting in September, to help you discover more about your gifts, character and personal leadership. This will done through regular development from proven leaders, mentoring opportunities and practical experience across a variety of church ministries. Costs include external training, conferences and international mission.

For more information about Ethos Academy or Internship, get in touch!