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  • Salford Campus 431 Bolton Road M27 8TD (map)
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Believe it or not, our relationship with money impacts the ability of God’s word to be fruitful in our life.

You may consider yourself “good” with money or “bad” with money.

Jesus was not quiet when it comes to the topic of money… 16 out of 38 parables are about money/talents/possessions….. 2350 Bible verses talk about money. Contrast that with only 500 verses in the bible on prayer and 500 on faith.

Clearly from the Bible’s standpoint, we need to understand money and how to handle it - why? Because money is actually a test from God.

Did you know that the bible actually equates money on a par with God as our master?…. the scripture says “you cannot serve both God and money” (Matthew 6:24)

How we handle money reveals a lot about our priorities, loyalties and affections. In fact, it actually directly dictates many of the blessings we will or won’t receive in our life.

The Financial Freedom course works through how we can get our priorities with God in the right order - when we put God first in everything (time, talents & treasure), the rest falls into place and our relationship with Him becomes unhindered.

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