The church we see


We see a church that is numerically large, spiritually deep and widely impacting, wholeheartedly committed to serving the purposes of God in their generation.

We see a church where the lost can find a family, where broken lives are put back together and people are championed to become everything God created them to be.

We see a church full of people who will do whatever it takes to reach others with the life-transforming message of Jesus, taking responsibility now for what will come next.

We see a church of relentless passion, where people refuse to live according their circumstances but always look beyond to a future full of God's promises and possibilities.

We see a church filled with people who refuse to stand still, but are so compelled by love, so changed by grace, so convinced of their purpose, that they sacrifice to build something far bigger than themselves.

We see a church where Jesus is made famous, lives are restored and all the glory goes to God.