A number of courses run throughout the year that will help you grow in your faith and your relationship with God. They will also help your understanding of the Bible and how to apply it to your life. Programmes will vary across campuses, but on this page you'll find some of the courses that we run.


Courses to begin your Journey


+ What is Alpha?

The alpha course is designed for those who want to explore the meaning of life in a safe and non judgemental environment. The course is very relaxed and great fun (probably why over 24 million people have done it!).

+ Who is it for?

Never been to church? Not sure what you believe? Maybe you gave up on church a long time ago. The course was designed for you or anyone who doesn't go to church regularly.

+ How does it work?

Each session begins with food followed by a short talk looking at different aspects of the Christian faith. There will then be time for a short discussion in small groups, which will be led by a group host. There are 11 evening sessions as well as a Saturday involved in the course.

+ What's so great about it?

Ever wanted to explore the meaning of like or ask challenging questions about the Christian faith? Maybe you're just curious about this church stuff and want to have a nosy? Alpha doesn't care about your background, it welcomes all those big questions an it's free. Can't say fairer than that right?

+ When does it run?

Every Tuesday night for 11 weeks. We also have an away day on a Saturday near the end of the course.

+ How much does it cost?

There's no charge to do the course, it's totally free.

+ How do I attend?

If you would like to attend this course, let us know by Rregistering your interest. If you have any other questions regarding the course please feel free to get in touch.

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A fantastic short course for those who have chosen to "Yes!" to Jesus and a brand new relationship with God. These interactive sessions will take you through the most essential building blocks of the Christian faith and help you establish solid ground for the road ahead. 

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Christianity is a quest of discovery, an adventure of getting to know more about God and more about the new person you have become. This interactive course will inspire and equip you to really 'live out' your Christian faith in your daily life. Discover how to read to the Bible, how to pray, how to step out in faith, how to stand secure, and more!

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Courses to Grow Further

Freedom_Web Banner.jpg

Freedom in christ

Grasp the amazing truth of your new identity in Christ and break through to a greater level of maturity as a Christian. This powerful course tackles things that may be holding you back in your relationship with God and equips you to renew your mind and walk in freedom!


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financial freedom

Do you believe it is possible to completely change your life in a matter of weeks? This 7-week course will provide you with the opportunity and the tools to make that happen, regardless of your current financial situation. We look at ways to manage your money, how to break free from debt, saving for your future, giving, and leaving a legacy. We believe that you really will be able to step into greater financial freedom!


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Bible Course_Web Banner.jpg

Whether you're new to the Bible or want to go deeper, this course helps you see the BIG picture of the Bible and provides the tools to help apply it to your everyday life. It shows you how all the books, characters and events fit together to form one BIG story, from Genesis to Revelation. 

The course is across 8 interactive sessions, with video teaching content, discussion time and space for personal reflection. 


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